And another Eastern European comes to Lincolnshire.


We had always known that the house would continue to feel as though it still belonged to the Vendor until we did something fundamental to the insides, but to begin with even the scent of the place was alien.  The children seemed more unsettled by the arrival of a Czech au pair than by their uprooting: Eeyore was too, but perhaps that was more understandable.  As a red blooded male married to a whale, the sudden appearance of a blonde Angelina Jolie built like Jessica Rabbit caused him some discomfort.  With hindsight, it probably explains most of his reluctance to leave us one Sunday night, to return to a bachelor pad in the Big Smoke for the week – but I like to think that he was as sad to go (and for the right reasons) as we were that he had to leave.  For the first time, I began to understand the enormity of being the only English speaking adult in the house.  This living in the country lark was going to mean being a single parent for most of the year, and while I felt sorry for him setting off on his own back to the grind and an empty flat, I have to admit to myself that I was suddenly very aware of my responsibilities, and felt a real sense of abandonment.


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